Saturday, 15 February 2020

Good news: ration card will get special treatment up to Rs 20 lakh for special needs

Kawardha.  Ration cards can now provide free treatment through the Dr. Khubchand Baghel Health Assistance Scheme for better convenience to patients with ration cards in registered hospitals of Kabirdham district.

  The government has removed all the problems faced by the smart card for treatment, giving great convenience to the people, all Antyodaya and priority ration card holder families for 5 lakh rupees and the remaining Rs. 50 thousand to all ration card holders families through medical packages.  Free medical care will be provided.   Similarly, if seen on the other side, the Chief Minister Special Health Assistance Scheme by the state government will benefit up to 20 lakh rupees on special needs.  All expenses related to recruitment, surgery, procedure, examination and therapy in registered government and private medical institutions of other states outside the state and outside the state will be covered under the scheme.  Other complex procedures are included in the case including cases involving heart, lung, liver, pancreatic, kidney, neurosurgery, congenital diseases of children, neonatal, burns, cancer treatment, chemo therapy, radio therapy.   In the hospital and private hospitals of Kabirdham district, it will now be compulsory to bring an Aadhaar card along with a ration card in case the patient and his family are admitted.  Similarly, in case the patient does not have an Aadhaar card, any other photo-bearing government ID such as a voter ID, driving license, pen card, birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc., along with the ration card will have to be taken.   31 government and 8 private hospitals registered  In Kabirdham district, 31 government and 8 private hospitals have been registered for treatment under the scheme.  There are district hospitals of Kawardha, community health centers Pipariya, Bodla, Pandaria, Sahaspur Lohara, Jhalmala and Kukadur.  All primary health centers are included there.  For this, Radiance Hospital and Trauma Center Kawardha, Goraj Children's Hospital, Megh Hospital, Sneha Clinic, Prabha Nursing Home, Roopjeevan Hospital, Chandrayan Health Care, Surya Netralaya Hospital in private hospital can take advantage of Dr. Khubchand Baghel Health Support Scheme.   Special facility for patients  TPA assistants have been placed in every registered private hospitals to help patients in Kabirdham district.  Where the facility has been made to make e-card free especially for patients.  Apart from this, your card can be made by going to district hospitals, community health centers.  A card will also be prepared for patients admitted to primary health centers, which will make it easier for patients to get treatment.

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