Monday, 17 February 2020

If not linked to Aadhaar by 31 March, Pan Card will be useless, these three ways can be linked

new Delhi.  If you have not linked your PAN card and Aadhaar card yet, then do it because 17 crore PAN cards, which do not do so by 31 March, will become useless.  The Income Tax Department has warned about this saying that it will become useless after 31 March 2020 if the Permanent Account Number (PAN) card is not linked to Aadhaar.  The last date for linking Aadhaar and PAN card is 31 March. As per the last available data, 30.75 crore PAN cards of the country have already been linked to Aadhaar card.  

The government constantly asks people to link their Aadhaar with PAN card and its last date has been extended several times.  Now 31 March 2020 is the last date and so far 17.58 crore PAN Cards have not been linked to Aadhaar Card.   Let us know that in September 2018, the Supreme Court had declared the Aadhaar card as constitutionally valid and also said that this 12-digit Aadhaar card would be necessary for income tax filing and PAN card as well.  After this, the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) had said that by July 2, 2017, the people who have been issued PAN number will be required to give their Aadhaar number under sub-section 2 of section 139AA.  If he fails to do so by 31 March 2020, then his PAN number will become useless after this date with immediate effect.   The CBDT has included the matter of making PAN card useless by making changes in the income tax rules.  The notification states that the person whose PAN card becomes useless will be responsible for all its consequences.   You can link PAN to Aadhaar in these three ways.   Online Link   Online linking is an easy way to link PAN card to Aadhaar.  For this, some process has to be completed after which your PAN card will be linked to your Aadhaar number.  First of all, to link the Aadhaar number to the PAN card, one has to go to the e-filing website (  After this, the process given in it has to be completed.   - First of all, go to the site and register (if you have visited the site for the first time).  After which the details of their PAN will be asked from the user.  On giving the PAN details, the user will be sent an OTP for verification.  Create password after OTP verification.  Then log in to the site.   Now to log in to the site, you have to provide your user ID which is your PAN number.  Then login by entering the password and captcha code given below.   - Now you will see a popup window in which you will be asked to link the Aadhaar number.  Enter your Aadhaar number and captcha code in it.  Now click on link now.   - Let us know that sometimes a popup window does not appear.  But even after that you can link your Aadhaar number with PAN card.   For this, click in the profile settings in the menu of the site.  After which you will see the option of link base on which you will have to click.   - Now you enter your Aadhaar number in it and then click on save button.   - If the information of your Aadhaar number and PAN card is not correct, then you cannot link both numbers online.  Efforts are being made by the government to make this system easier.  For this, you will have to provide a scan copy of your PAN card.   - Online options will also be given by the Income Tax Department.  In which users can register online through OTP without changing their name.  By selecting this option, the user will have to give the details of the date of birth present in both his documents.  If the details of the date of birth given in both documents match, users will be able to add PAN from online basis.   Can fill the application link   Applicants who do not want to use the online process to link their PAN card to Aadhaar, can fill the one-page application form and submit it to the PAN center along with the prescribed fee.  Photocopy of PAN card, Aadhaar card will be mandatory with this application form.   You can also process through SMS   The process of linking PAN to Aadhaar can also be done with the help of SMS.  Applicants can message 567678 or 56161 with their registered number.  It has to be sent in this format UIDPAN <12 Digit Aadhaar Number> <10 Digit PAN>.  For example, UIDPAN 123456789000 EPOPE1234E

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