This plan of Jio created excitement, you will get 2GB data free every day, definitely read.

In the midst of the constant stir for the last few days, Reliance Jio has introduced a new Internet plan with a validity of 336 days in the Indian telecom sector.  Significantly, where all telecom companies are increasing their tariff plans.  On the other hand, a few days before the hike in tariff plan, Reliance Jio has introduced a new internet plan for its consumers with a validity of 336 days.  

Reliance Jio, the country's largest telecom company, is going to increase its tariff plan by about 40% from 6 December.  Just before implementing the new tariff plan, Reliance Jio has introduced a new internet plan with a validity of 336 days for its consumers.  However, this plan is similar to Reliance Jio's Rs 444 plan.  In which Reliance Jio has priced this plan at Rs.  1776 raising its price 4 times.   It is worth noting that Reliance Jio's plan of Rs 444 comes under the All in One plan.  In which consumers get unlimited voice calling over Jio network from Reliance Jio with 2GB high speed internet with validity of 84 days.  If consumers recharge this plan four times before the implementation of Reliance Jio's new tariff plan, or recharge 1776 rupees at a time.  Consumers will then get all the benefits with a validity of 336 days.   Significantly, earlier telecom companies like Vodafone Idea and Airtel have increased their tariff plans.  Due to which internet usage has become much more expensive than before.  Apart from this, Reliance Jio is also going to increase its tariff plan from 6 December.  If you want to take advantage of internet service in a similar way.  Then this plan offered by Reliance Jio can be a very good option for you.
Highlight   The TV18 broadcast business can be placed in Network 18, and the cable and ISP businesses in Network 18's two separate wholly owned companies  The restructuring will make the network one of the 18 sector's biggest players  Reliance Industries announced the move on Monday  Reliance Industries announced on Monday to consolidate its media business and distribution across multiple positions in the same brand, Network18.  As part of the plan, Reliance will merge with TV18 Enginecast, Hathway Cable & Datacom and DEN Networks Network 18 Media & Investment Limited.  The board of directors of the respective companies approved the plan of amalgamation and arrangement in their meetings on Monday.  The due date for the merger will be February 1, 2020, the company said.  According to the statement recorded by the company in Stock X, TV18 Network's news launch business will be placed in Network 18.   Network18 will be an integrated media and distribution company   According to the statement, 51% subsidiaries of TV18 Viacom18   And AETN18, as well as IndiaCast, are part of the compatibility with the 50:50 joint venture.  Hathway Cable & Datacom and DEN Networks have two separate wholly owned subsidiaries of Cable and Brezza Business Network 18.  Network18 will be an integrated media and distribution company with a revenue of Rs.  The statement of TV18 Network said that Rs 8,000 crore and will be net debt free at the formatted level.   He said that Network 18 would be considered one of the largest categories of players in the region. In addition, the restructuring would create value chain integration and introduce substantial economies of scale.  It will also simplify the group's county structure by reducing the number of listings according to a TV18 network statement. The Hathaway and Dane networks will be formatted.   In addition, the format of Dane and Hathaway's cabin services in one unit will leverage the combined strength of 27,000 local cable operator (LCO) partners, who act as touchplaces in 15 million homes in India, according to the president's statement.  The combined entity will serve one million wireline customers across the country.   In addition, the functions of all four companies will benefit from risk reduction through formatting, integration of operations and strategy.  This will be done with a share change ratio.  The keyboard-accepted stock transfer ratio now allows the network to own 78 shares of TV18 for every 100 shares of Network18, 78 shares of Network18 for every 100 shares of Hathaway and for every 100 of Den Network.  The network offers 191 shares of 18.

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