Monday, 10 February 2020

Which private company offers the most jobs in the country?

Remember Jalarambapa's Virpur?  The population of this Virpur is only 5,3.  Maha Vaishnodevi's place in the world is located in the village where the cash rests in the bowl.  Navsari, near Surat, has a population of only 1.5 lakhs and has even heard the names of Gondal, Dahod and Godhra?  The population of all these cities is less than a million Swabe.  There are 5 cities in the country that have got city status, of which there are 5 cities with populations less than four lakh.  You may be wondering if the sudden populist thing is going on, but listening to the answer will definitely make your eyes wonder.  In the same country there is a company whose workforce is higher than all these cities.   The same thing needs a new perspective.  If anyone is doing the job of giving the largest number of jobs in the country, it is the government sector.  This applies to every country.  If there is a job department in India that is the largest, then it is the armed forces of all types of security agencies.  An estimated 1 lakh citizen of the country is employed by this department and the second is Indian Rail.  Indian Railways has 5 lakh employees and is the second largest public sector job organization.  The third is the Indian Postal Department.  The postal department has 1.2 lakh employees.  The company that comes next is the private sector company, not the government.  Just think about what that company will be like?  If you try to remember, the name of Reliance will come in front of your eyes and if you are in live contact with Gujarat then Adani group may also come in front of your eye. No, neither the name of Tata-Birla group nor the list of Tata-Birla groups are in this list.  

The company which is the largest employer in the private sector is named Quas Incorporation.  Quas has 1.5 million employees.  If there is one company with the highest number of employees in India then it is a Bangalore based Quas company.  Tata Group's TCS is followed by Quest.  TCS has around 2.5 lakh employees in India and 1,5 employees are in foreign countries.  Reliance does not have the same staff as Quas and Vodafone also has less staff than Quas.  The fact is that this quiz does the job of providing staff to companies like Reliance and Vodafone.  Apart from India, the company operates staffing in 5 other countries and the number of employees provided by the company in foreign is different from the original figure of 1.5 lakh.   Demand for service providers to provide staffing services to 4 clients in 3 countries is increasing day by day, and evidence from the company's Growthrate is growing.  From 1 to 4, Quest Inc is moving at a steady growth rate of about 5 percent, which is about 2 percent higher than the private sector's over-all growth rate.   From Samsung to Amazon   Suppose you place an order online on Amazon and Delivery-Boy arrives at your house to order it.  The boy who came home is quite likely to be an employer of a Quas company.  Amazon has two delivery-boy queries out of three delivery-boy.  The same is true in Samsung.  If you have a problem after buying a mobile or TV and you have to go for after sales then the technician you get is an employee of this quiz, but he takes over all the responsibility on behalf of Samsung.  Vodafone also takes the service of Quaes, and when it comes to our Indian company, Mukesh Ambani-based Reliance and Bajaj Finance also take advantage of Quaes' service.  Quest operates in a fully staffed service.  This process of work needs to be understood.  Masters of Information Technology to Delivery Experts They have a tremendous amount of data, as well as Retail Service Experts as well.   There are a total of 3 companies in Quas's client list.  Expressing his inability to provide information about what kind of solution Quest offers to these three companies, Suraj Moraje, CEO of the company, said in an interview: "It is unfair to talk about what the job model should be, but I would say the number of employees we have.  There are less than a few countries on this earth. '   Talking about the growth of this company, which has more than one country employee, it is done here.  The company, which has a 5% growth rate, is pushing for the release of staff in the automobile sector, FMCG, telecom and other IT services companies, while Quays conducts an average of 100,000 interviews for new staff each year.  The funny thing is that J.   Delivery-boy salaries Quays have also taken the delivery boy, estimated at five to seven thousand rupees, to start from 5 to 7 thousand.  You may be surprised to know that the delivery-boy salaries have increased at a much faster rate than the rate of inflation in the last 3 years, and much credit goes to the Quays.  Delivery-buoyed salaries were expected to rise from an average of 5 to 5 today, but today they have risen to 5 in 7, according to the trend of inflation that has increased from 1 to present.  Quasse explains that the salary range of employers in the Salary range is from 1 to 5,3.  If the average salary of this salari is 4,3, it can be said that the Quays pay around seven billion and seventy crore rupees a month.  Remember, month.  If you try to calculate the year, the calculator will not refuse it and even if you hit it, then the figure will reach 5% of Maharashtra's total budget.      What is this staffing service      When the company is leaving its country and moving to another country, the company uses the staff provider concept in view of labor law.  Most multinational companies hire staff from a company like Quas instead of appointing direct staff.  To put it simply, it can be said that the way a security agency operates is in the same way that a staffing company operates.  After hiring a staff on behalf of another company, such a company has to be prepared to break up and fight against the staff if there are any legal complications.  After converting the rupees, the multinational company demanded that the staffing company come to India and the sector boomed in India.  Multinational companies like Amazon, Vodafone, Samsung, Sony get their staff at Hire-Key, but then they also get the support of staffing company for the staff of Labor, Semi-Labor class.  This kind of support may be a little expensive, say that the rupee item falls in the rupee but it is ultimately worth it.  In addition to being able to avoid conflicts with staff, it also saves time on topical things like training and after-sales service.  Remember, a fund of multinational companies is very clear.  Save time, not dollars.  Dollar will be earned, not time.  Time can only be saved.

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