Monday, 16 March 2020

Alerts for farmers! Link to PM-Kisan scheme in 15 days Aadhaar, Otherwise Rs. 6000

Alerts for farmers!  Link to PM-Kisan scheme in 15 days Aadhaar, Otherwise Rs. 6000

If you are a farmer and want to avail a scheme with Rs 6000, get ready for Aadhar verification. Aadhaar linkage is required in any case by 31st March 2020 to get the PM Farmer Scheme of the farmers of Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, Assam and Meghalaya, otherwise the money will be stopped. That means there's only 15 days left. After that the government will not give any chance. The decision of the government is for the farmers of Jammu and Kashmir Ladakh and Meghalaya. While in other states, one has been made compulsory from December 2019.

 According to the Ministry of Agriculture, 7,91,245 farmers families in Jammu and Kashmir have received Rs. Three installments under this scheme. In the second phase, the first installment of Rs 2000 has received 5,75,202 farmers. In Assam, 19,97,844 farmers have received three installments of Rs 2-2 thousand. While 9,53,609 farmers got Rs. First installment of second stage. In Meghalaya, a total of 36,951 farmers got third installment while 24,665 farmers got first installment of second stage.

 It is worth mentioning that, speaking from across the country, the 14.5 farmer family has received only the third installment of 6.44 crore 2-2 thousand. That is why the number of beneficiaries is not increasing steadily due to the need for support Due to the confusion of papers and the lack of base cards, many people are deprived of money. When the farmers who have not received the money will get their Aadhaar linked in time and assume that the government will not provide the money now without verification of Aadhaar card.

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