Sunday, 19 April 2020

Be aware that before raising money on the road, temptation can make you a victim of coronas

Under normal circumstances, people immediately pick up the money they see on the road. But caution is currently needed because of the corona virus. In Jhunjhunu City, Rajasthan, there was a commotion on the road. The rumor of Corona spreading through these notes spread to the city.

Immediately upon receiving the notification, the police administration team reached the spot. They seized notes lying on the roads. At the same time, the currency notes have started investigating where the road came from. According to the information, the police team is trying to know through the CCTV camera mounted at the scene of the incident, who has dropped the note.

One such incident has also happened in Surat. A note of 200 and a 100 was found on the road near Chandi Chowk. Both notes were pressed under the stone. Upon receipt of the notes, the police administration arrived at the scene and seized both of them. Police then sanitized both notes.

Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh also received two 500 notes on the road. Under normal circumstances it is not possible to stay on the road for so long. Police arrived at the scene of the incident. The doctor forbade touching both of these notes for 24 hours.

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