Hiding out and selling in a place where people's mawa-faki is craving, too, is a big deal.

While there is a 21-day lockdown across the country carrying coronaviruses, the government has granted concessions for the goods it needs. Some people have been caught abusing these exemptions. Police arrested a man who was selling 135 mawa in a milk cane last night.

While the government has given a 21-day lockdown to the Corona virus, addicts cannot live without their craving. At such times, such people are addicted by paying Rs. While such an opportunity is also being taken by the traders, such people have been discontinued as the shop does not have the necessary supplies.

Addicts tell the trader to fulfill their needs and the trader delivers everything to them. At this time, the government has given away the necessary commodities at this time.

Meanwhile, a man's milk cannons were passing by on a motorcycle from the Kapodra police headquarters in Surat city. The man did not tie his milk cans properly. The man did not even wear a mask, so the police were suspicious. Police also stopped the man and searched the milk cans. A large number of raw-135 mawa were found in milk cans.

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