Monday, 27 April 2020

Protest against the lockdown in Israel: 10,000 people wearing masks and keeping a distance of two meters protested against the PM,

Tel Aviv. A worldwide lockdown is underway. Many countries have strict rules. That includes Israel, where strict sanctions have been imposed to defeat the Corona. But about 10,000 people, annoyed by the ban, took to the streets late Sunday night. He protested against PM Benjamin Netanyahu, protesters wearing masks and shouting slogans against the PM, maintaining a distance of up to two meters. He held black flags with anti-government slogans.

The protesters said- we are following the rules

Protesters say the country has a strict ban. But we can look away from each other by wearing masks. We are following the rules. At the same time, 13,491 cases of infection have been reported in Israel so far, while 172 people have died.

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Elections three times a year, yet no government
The protesters, under the banner "Save the Democracy", appealed to Benny Gates' Blue and White Party not to join the presidential-led coalition with allegations of corruption. Netanyahu is accused of three counts of corruption. However, he is denying this. The country has held three elections in a year, yet no government has been formed.


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