Friday, 17 April 2020

Vijay Dobariya, who has planted more than three and a half million trees, is deploying more than 5000 people in lockdown.

In the midst of lockdown social organizations and service entrepreneurs are pouring in donations across Gujarat. Vijay Dobariya, a businessman from Rajkot, has to be reminded abruptly while he is eating the hungry. He has planted greenery in Rajkot district, having planted 360000 trees in the last five years. Then Vijay Dobariya, who raised the earth's greenery, is currently working to make people's gastrointestinal.

Due to coronavirus, business and employment is bad at present in Gujarat and across the country. At that time, the biggest problem is affecting the workers and the daily allowances and the working people. Then Vijay Dobriya has been feeding such people for the last 23 days. Started with 50 tiffins, the Bhagirath work has now reached more than 5000 people. And in the coming days the figure will still rise.

This Tiffin is made daily by about 5 elders of Sadbhav's old age. And the hungry and the needy are passed on to the dim. About 50 youths from different institutions have joined the service. The elders here are protected by this trust at no charge.

Old people from Rajkot's Sadbhava Vidyasamram also join the service. Vijay Dobriya, along with the workers of the old age group, spends about one lakh rupees a day feeding the manga abol cattlemen and the hungry. This old age is being run by Vijay Dobariya. Vijay Dobriya has greened four villages of Rajkot highway and Phadhari taluka in the last five years.

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