Sunday, 19 April 2020

Virus attack kills police department in Indore, virus kills policeman in Indore

The death toll in the country is rising steadily due to coronavirus. Madhya Pradesh also has the highest number of deaths due to this after Maharashtra. Also, in the ongoing battle against Indore in Madhya Pradesh, positive police inspector Devendra Chandravanshi has died.

Health workers from police to police personnel are also arriving in the white of coronavirus. There is also a large hotspot of coronavirus in Indore of Madhya Pradesh. Health workers and police personnel have also fallen victim to coronavirus in Indore in the last few days. The report of Police Inspector Devendra also came in positive.

Police Inspector Devendra Chandravansi was admitted to the hospital after coming from Corona positive. Devendra, 45, was in charge of the police station at the old police station. He was undergoing treatment at Aurobindo Hospital for the last ten days. However, he died during the treatment at three o'clock late at night.

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