Thursday, 9 July 2020

New feature like TIKTOK came in Instagram, use it this way

If you are missing features like TikTok in your apps, now Instagram has introduced short video feature reels like TikTok in India. Before India, this feature was launched in Brazil, Germany and France. This feature allows users to create videos and add creative filters and music. The user will be able to create and share a 15 second video with the help of reels. The new feature will allow the user to shoot videos as well as add music and filters from the Instagram catalog.

 How do you get started
 To create a video like Tiktok from Instagram Reels, you first need to turn on Instagram's camera and make a 15 second video from it. Like Tiktok, Reels also features speed, effects, and a timer along with audio from the Instagram music library. After recording the reels, the user has to select the audience he wants to share with. Unlike Instagram Stories the reels can be shared in the Explore section, from where everyone can see them on this platform. Multiple reels of 15 seconds can be recorded at once with different effects. The user can review, delete or re-record the reels as per his requirement. Like Tiktok, the reels also have the option of use audio. It will help the user to create reels along with their original videos.

 How to create reels
 - For this the user has to first select the reels from the Instagram camera below.
 - Then you have to click on the audio option. Then select the song you want to use with the reels from the Instagram music library.
 - Users can use their own original video like Tiktok if they wish.
 - User can combine AR effect with video. This can make the reel interesting and different. Here the user will also have the option to control the speed of audio-video.

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