Monday, 20 July 2020

The Sun, Earth and Saturn will come in a straight line after 3pm tonight; Saturn's ring can be seen through a telescope, now this astronomical event will take place in August 2021

A rare astronomical event will occur on July 20-21. Earth will come between Sun and Saturn tonight. These three planets will come in a straight line. Which is called Saturn at Opposition. After 2020, such an event will take place on August 2, 2021. This has been the case with Jupiter on July 14 and Pluto on July 16.

 According to Bhopal-based science broadcaster and National Award winner Sarika Dharu, Saturn, Earth and Sun will come in a straight line at around 3:44 pm tonight. The position of the opposition will have the shortest distance between Saturn and Earth this year. Saturn can be seen like a star with the naked eye in the east direction. Saturn's ring and its few moons can also be seen with the help of a telescope.

 A day of Saturn lasts 11 hours: -
 Saturn is located at a distance of 149 crore 76 lakh km from the Sun. This planet orbits the sun at such a distance. It takes about 83 minutes for sunlight to reach Saturn. Saturn is such a huge planet that 9 Earths can be placed on its diameter. A day on Saturn is about 11 hours long. One year is equal to 29 years on Earth. Saturn has 82 moons. 53 moons have been confirmed while 29 moons are being confirmed.

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