PM Modi wrote a letter to Dhoni, Mahi gave this answer

 Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni retired from international cricket on 15 August 2020. Then people from all over the world expressed their views on Dhoni. Now even India's PM Narendra Modi has given his message to Mahi. PM Modi has written a letter to Dhoni which Mahi shared on his Twitter account.

 Dhoni wrote on Twitter, "An artist, a soldier and a player deserves praise. He wants everyone to recognize his hard work and sacrifices. Thank you PM Narendra Modi for the compliments and best wishes from you.

 In the letter, Modi wrote that the spirit of a new India overflows in you, where the destiny of the youth determines the name of their family, but it achieves its own destination and name. On 15 August 2020 you shared a short video in a simplistic estimate that was enough for a long and big discussion across the body. 130 crore Indians are disappointed but at the same time thank you for what you have done in India in the last decade and a half.

 PM Modi also said that 'one way to measure your career is to look at statistics through glasses. You are among the most successful captains of Indian cricketers. "India's reliance on you in difficult situations and your style of finishing matches, especially the 2011 World Cup final, will be remembered by people for many generations to come."

 PM Modi further wrote, "Dhoni's name should not be remembered only for his career statistics nor for his role in winning a single match. It would be unfair to see you as just a player. Seeing you is truly a phenomenon. Coming from a small town you climbed to the national level, you made a name for yourself, and most importantly raised the pride of the country.

 PM Narendra Modi also said, "If your Gorth and then those millions of young people of life were inspired, they could not go to expensive schools or colleges and neither do they come from a reputed family but they have the ability to establish themselves at the highest level." It doesn't matter where we come from as long as we know where we are going. You have expressed the same spirit and inspired many young people with it. '

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