Dhajagra of Kovid Guideline: Kinjal Dave rides with Deesa MLA, BJP leaders do not follow laws

Well known singer Kinjal Dave has come under controversy after attending an event in December. The guideline has been implemented by the government considering the way Corona has been trampled in the state but it seems that this guideline has no significance for leaders and celebrities. In public, only BJP leaders are flying the flag of the guideline. Deesa MLA Shashikant Padya raised questions while gathering a crowd at the end of the road.

Umti Jan Medani to get a glimpse of Kinjal Dave

Well known singer Kinjal Dave was also present on the occasion. At the event held at Dedol, the legislators set the guideline of Covid-19 on horseback. No action is taken against the mob. Kinjal Dave also rode with Deesa's MLA at the event. It can be clearly seen in the video that crowds of people have gathered at the event.

Who allowed such a large number of people to gather?

While there is a rule to invite a limited number of people to public gatherings and social and religious functions, the question arises as to who allowed such a large number of people to gather at this event? 


It can be seen in the video that Kinjal Dave is taking a selfie with this MLA. Looking at the video, it seems that the guideline is only for the general public. Leaders and celebrities do not have any laws.