GSEB ready for Gujkat exam, awaiting government order; These options may occur on the next admission procedure

 Confusion of students: GSEB ready for Gujkat exam, waiting for government order; These options may occur on the next admission procedure

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 If JEE-NEET exam is taken, Gujkat exam should also be taken

 Students should continue to prepare for Gujkat so that they do not face any difficulty in the examination

 Due to Corona, there is going to be a standard 12 marksheet without an examination this year and there is a lot of confusion among the students regarding further studies. Whether Gujkat examination will be held for admission in technical and engineering? It is also not decided yet and if the examination is held, what kind of formula is there for admission? Many such questions remain in the minds of students and parents. In this regard, Divyabhaskar spoke to experts in technical and engineering education and tried to find out, what should be the admission process in technical as well as engineering in such a situation and what should be its basis? Find out what the academics of colleges affiliated with Gujarat Technical University say

 Ready to take board exam, awaiting government approval

 Divya Bhaskar spoke to AJ Shah, Chairman, Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary, about the planning of Gujkat examination, in which he said that the board is ready for Gujkat examination. But it will take further action after receiving instructions from the state government. There is also a possibility that the state government may take a decision on the examination at the next cabinet meeting.

 Three options for admission to engineering

 1. Std. Admission on the basis of marksheet of 12: At present, the Department of Education has the easiest way to get admission in Engineering College on the basis of merit base promotion. Given the condition of Kovid, if Gujket is not taken for admission in the engineering college, further admission procedure may be taken depending on the result prepared by the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Board on the basis of the mark of the previous standard. However, academics fear that if this happens, gifted students will be harmed.

 2. 60% of Std. 12, 40% of Gujkat Weightage Support: Another possibility is that if Gujkat exam is taken, then the admission procedure after Std. 12 should be carried out as per the procedure followed till now. For admission in engineering after standard 12, 60 per cent of the board exams and 40 per cent of the Gujkat exams are considered. Based on which the process for admission in the state engineering college is done. At the present stage, according to experts, the possibilities of this option are becoming more and more known.

 3. Support of 60% Gujkat, 40% weightage of Std. 12: The third option for admission in Engineering with the Department of Education is to change the merit of Std. 12 and Gujkat examinations. If the Gujkat exam is taken, it will be considered 60 per cent for this year. That is, merit should be prepared on the basis of 60 per cent result instead of 40 per cent and 60 per cent in Gujkat instead of 60 in standard 12. No board exam has been taken, in this case Gujket's result should be given more weightage.

 Gujkat assessment should get 60% weightage

 According to Naveen Seth, chancellor of GTU, the state's largest technical and engineering university, the board exam has not been taken, so Gujkat is required for admission to the college. The Gujkat examination should be taken so that the meritorious students do not face injustice in merit and the admission procedure becomes easier. At the same time, the weightage of Gujkat assessment in the examination for admission this year is 60% and Std. Weightage of 12 marksheet should be 40%. Normally every year for admission in a state engineering college. Admission is based on 60% of 12 and 40% of Gujkat results.

 Admission should be from Gujkat only - MN Patel

 Talking to Divyabhaskar, former Chancellor of GTU and Gujarat University and now Provost of Parul University, Vadodara, MN Patel said that admission in a good and prestigious college this year is going to be challenging. In this case std. Gujkat needs to be organized for admission in state engineering college after 12. Admission procedure should be based on the result of Gujket so that meritorious students are not harmed and the future of the students is not ruined. He also said that in the past, admission was given on the basis of Gujkat only, so the result of Gujkat for admission this year should be taken into consideration.

 Gujkat needs to be clarified as soon as possible

 Manish Shah, vice-president of LJ University, says that at the present stage, students should continue preparing for the Gujkat exam. If this examination is taken successfully, the admission procedure in the state engineering college should be based on its result. So that students can get admission in the college on the basis of merit. At the same time, the government should announce a quick decision on Gujkat examination so that the admission process is not delayed and the academic work can start.

 Exams need to be held, but the health of the students is also important

 Janak Khandwala, executive director of Silver Oak University in Ahmedabad, said it was difficult to say whether the Gujkat exam would be held in the current situation. Concerns about the health of students have also become very important during the college days along with exams. But if the situation remains good and Gujkat is taken, there will be no injustice to the scholarship students in the admission procedure. Elsewhere, engineering college seats are vacant every year in the state. In the current year Gujarat Board examination, 53197 students were registered in A group, against which 64087 seats are available in the state at present.

 If JEE-NEET can be taken then why not Gujkat!

 According to Roopak Kapadia, Principal, RH Kapadia School, Satellite Area, Ahmedabad. No board examination has been conducted, due to which if admission is given on the basis of Gujkat, the authenticity of the students will also be maintained. But if you get admission only on the basis of marksheet with merit base promotion of standard 12, you will have to face many challenges in your career.

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