Learn to love your children as well as your possessions

 A small child was running around the house. Dad was busy, and Mom was cooking in the kitchen. There was no one else to play with the baby so the poor man was running alone. Suddenly Eno's foot hit a glass vase in the drawing room. The vase fell down and shattered. The vase was very precious. The child's father noticed, so he started shouting. Angered at the child, he said, 'Doba, he broke this precious vase. Such a nice vase was barely found. What happens when you sit at home with Tantio? Tara Baap bought this vase by saving pies and in just two seconds he turned it into 'Ram Naam Satya'. Where does Barkat come from when a son like you is at home? '

 The little boy did not understand what his father was saying. He was listening to all this in a daze. She knew in that look that his father was upset, and tears welled up in her eyes. As Dad's voice grew louder, tears welled up in the baby's eyes. The wife, who was working in the kitchen, came out when she heard her husband shouting. Seeing the broken vase in the house, he understood the whole incident. She went straight to the baby and lovingly placed her hand on the baby's head. The child hid his head in the palm of her sari and hugged her and started crying.

 The father of the child saw this scene and said angrily to his wife, 'You are the one who molested this boy and he is the one who spoiled him. This Kunvarsaheb has broken the precious vase and you encourage him by turning your hand over his head. ' The wife listened to everything. Don't say anything against. Turning his hand over the child's head, he said, 'Son, this vase was very precious. Dad was a favorite. Now take care for the second time, son. Go to your room and wash your face. '

 Went to the room like a child, the wife went to her husband and said in a low voice, 'You are right that the boy did harm. You are worried and sad that the vase will be broken but you are not worried that the heart of one of your sons will be broken! It is important to preserve the things in the house because it is our property but children are our biggest asset so it is more important to preserve it. Think calmly, another vase will come to the house, but where will you bring another son? '

 Our greatest asset is our children. As much as we care for our gross wealth, as much as we care and love as much as it does for children, right? The reality is that most parents have no idea how to protect their children. J. Krishnamurthy said, "We take training before doing any work. Before working as a doctor, engineer or teacher, you have to get training in this regard. But the sad thing is that the hardest job in this world is as a parent and there is no training or training for this. 'We become parents not only physically but what are our psychological responsibilities after the birth of a child? There is no understanding of what is. Giving birth to a child without fully understanding the role of the parents is also a major crime.

 There is a proverb in Sanskrit, 'Lalayet panchvarshani, das varshani tadyet, praptem tu solsevarshe putramitravadacharet.' To keep. ' According to this proverb, it is said to pamper and save a small child. We fall short in giving love to our children because, sometimes, wealth is inadvertently given more importance than children. Little do we know that our harsh words can hurt a child. Not to disappoint a small child too much.

 Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Ta. Arrived at Salangpur on 20th June 2015. He had specially come to Salangpur from Delhi to release the book 'Transcendence' written by him on the spiritual journey with HH Pramukhswami Maharaj at the hands of Pramukhswami Maharaj. After the meeting with Pramukhswami Maharaj, a meeting was held, which ended at 2 p.m. After concluding the meeting, Dr. As Kalam was leaving, a very ordinary boy from the village broke through the security cordon and came out from the crowd. Dr. Kalam's attention was distracted so he called this village boy closer. The boy pulled a ducho folded paper from his pants pocket and Dr. Handed over to Kalam and requested to give autograph. Dr. Kalam Ducho folded the paper and opened it. He took a pen from another and placed a piece of paper on the wall and signed it. He handed the paper to the child so he folded the paper back and put it in his pocket. Everyone was very angry at this boy but Dr. Kalam gave her a smile.

 Standing next to the Brahma Vihari Swami, Dr. Kalam said, 'Never disappoint a small child because these are his early days on earth. If we treat a child badly, it gives the impression that the world is bad, so we must treat it with love. '

 Dr. Kalam was unmarried and yet knew how to deal with a child. Parents of children also need to understand this eternal truth otherwise there will be a lot of wealth, but not with children.

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